Discover. Play. Share.

Provide your Customers with Digital Freedom

mimik has defragmented the digital media experience by creating an end-to-end software platform for service providers and device manufacturers. This delivers a highly personalized, multi-screen experience that works across multiple devices, networks and operating systems. We call it mimik.360TM.

Personalized TV Experiences

mimik.360 makes TV personal for everyone in the home. Each user can:

  • customize their TV Guide
  • create a personal favourites list
  • manage their individual recordings
  • access all their personal music, videos, and photos from multiple devices

Digital Content Anywhere

Whether you are in the home or halfway around the world, you can access all your personal digital content and TV wherever, and whenever, you want.

Share with Confidence

Rest assured, with mimik.360, each family member can securely share any digital content without having to upload content to third-party servers.



mimik.360 turns your TV into an extension of your portable devices. PlayOnTV makes it simple to cast content onto a TV, including party playlists, vacation pics, and home videos, from all of your devices and whatever else you can think of. Stuck for something to watch? Use your device to discover TV shows without interrupting others watching TV.

iOS and Android and Windows — Oh My!

At mimik, we don’t play favourites. You can access mimik.360’s full features across an array of devices with different operating systems, including:

  • any TV connected to mimik.360
  • any Android and iOS mobile device
  • Android Smart TVs
  • Windows and Mac laptops and desktops
  • NAS devices

Harmony in the Home

No more fighting over the remote. Now everyone in the home can watch their favourite shows or digital content at the same time on any connected device — are you starting to see a theme here?

Cross-Device Compatibility

Imagine a world where you can use your iPad to play content directly from a family member’s Android device. You can stop imagining now. With mimik, you can seamlessly access all your digital content using any connected TV, iOS or Android device. This includes Windows and Mac laptops and desktops too.

The Bottom Line

mimik.360 provides personalized, multi-screen, and cross-platform experiences. Regardless of network connectivity, multiple users can now simultaneously access their TV content and all their media anytime, anywhere, and on any connected device.

This is digital freedom